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  1. present participle of telescope

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Telescope can refer to:
In astronomy and in general:
  • An optical tool. Old-type telescopes were often made from tube sections that slid inside each other for easier storage when not being used. As a result, anything that can lengthen and shorten in this way is said to be telescopic (adjective) or telescoping (present participle used adjectivally), and the process of shortening in this way is called to telescope (verb infinitive) or telescoping (gerund). Good examples from everyday life include: the archetypical collapsing telescope itself; collapsing rabbit-ear TV antennas; and hydraulic cylinders.
  • A constellation, called Telescopium.
In mechanics:
In mathematics:
In transportation:
  • When trains collide, the carriages can sometimes slide through each other, rather like a telescope folding into a more compact form for ease of storage. Unlike a telescope which is full of air, a train full of passengers would suffer serious injuries or fatilities if telescoping occurred. Telescoping is less likely to occur if the couplings between the carriages hold firm during the collision, which prevents the telescoping from starting.
In psychology:
  • The telescoping effect is the effect that recent events appear to have occurred more remotely, whereas remote events appear to have occurred more recently. The prior is also called backward telescoping, while the latter is also called forward telescoping.
In archery:
  • Similar to the phenomenon with trains stated above, when a fiberglass arrow rear-ends another, imbedding itself deep into the other.
The Telescopes, a British dream-pop band.
In television:
As telescoping, in cinematography:
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